In poetry, the thoughts sprint so swift through the sense while being touched up by the emotion all the way through the tunnel of mind, it seems a cinch. But to explicate to another, an essay ensues and one is amazed at the sheer breadth and depth covered. 3-dimensional genius.

In poetry, one word, a single solitary word immediately assumes grandeur like the thunderclap, shu-gu-kla- kla, presaging the armageddon. Such is the inspiring impression of a single solitary word.

Du-du-du-du-du, savagely, the sounds and pictures attack with the smells and tastes swimming within the sea of AV; all melding into one. Then in a single flourish, fli-kpa, the sculpture is finished, a universal glory, new creation, thou must rest, create a new sabbath, for today, a new creature has been born from the womb of Word. Sperm of mind. Phallus of la langue.