Prisoner No. 12 in a trance, enter the boy into his mind. No. 12 attending an interaction between the boy and another; the boy said to the other “Look, you know nothing about me. Go out, talk to people, fight, get hurt, don’t just rationalize everything away, sit with killers, thieves, the psychotic, then you’ll gain an inkling of human nature. Sitting here and injecting books and mingling with these weak midgets in back of you, I mean your past, will serve you no well. Only when you do these will you see the real human. Saying ‘criminal’, ‘animal’, ‘senseless’ – like our patron whose land we sit on and air we breathe – will serve you no well”

[It seems with adulting, we become less open to what we perceive. Everything having to fit into a certain box or it is hellish. We lose hume – I mean human]