Prisoner No. 12 in his soliloquy: The philosopher does not philosophize, the thinker does not think, rather, the thinker, the philosopher grow. One would think the philosopher is kind in lending his mind, a noble thought, a very kind thought, that. Rather, the philosopher is maturing, he is developing himself, the benefit to us is rather a by-product of this development. What is happening with the philosopher is an opening and growing of the seed within him into the tree it can and might be.

On the other hand, following on from the second sentence, we can say society forces what is in the philosopher out, that, it is out of love for society that the philosopher philosophizes at all.

Maybe too, it is the compulsion of society on the philosopher, a duty of him.

This applies in handsome degree to other ways of life e.g. the homemaker, the nurse, the butler, the mechanic e.t.c. The philosopher is quite easier to use since his primary concern is very easy to see – philosophize, think.

All the above about duty, love, naturality, are just perspectives, however, I like the first, it is a rather selfish motive and this prepares the ground for…