12: “Every voice has its listener”..hmm..I’ve seen that somewhere before..

Officer: It’s written underneath the portrait of the architect of this prison building at the end of the 2nd floor of this block.

12: Ahh..yeah..you know I just flashed on how it would apply in a context for girl-boy relationships, you know, catching a dove..for my dear adolescent friends who think there’s some grand trick to catching em.

Officer: I’m listening..

12: You see if every voice has its listener, a boy – I use boy for simplicity – must speak in his own voice for the right listener to come to him.

Officer: This reminds me of that Ms. Right idea. It’s such a waste of time to be doing that load of bollocks. You spend time waiting for Mr./Ms. Right and you’ll start catching crows.

12: What kinda sense is that? I don’t get it..oo okay..he has made himself a scarewoman so now birds come to perch on his shoulders.

Officer: (snickering) and he’ll now roam the world in adventure like a beastmaster, looking for Ms. Right (slaps thigh in amusement).

12: Back to my point, it isn’t that he’s waiting for Ms. Right, he’s just not using that fabled ‘trick’ that is written about in the air that deceives so many into going out of their way, out of themselves, to attract actually very unsuitable doves. If he had used his true voice, he would have attracted his suitable listener.

Officer: I see it, I like it. But, there’s one possibility you’re not mentioning, his listener might hear his voice behind the robotic software. After all, it is his voice that stands behind the apparent voice?

12: You make a good point there but the questions remain to be asked “how many are as sensitive as that?” and “wouldn’t it be more comfortable, less stressful, in trying to speak nothing but your own voice?”. My friend, have you tried mimicking a lion’s roar?

Officer: (shakes head)

12: Ahh..no wonder you don’t know what I refer to. Try it and see how sore your throat gets, it’s as if a whirlwind that gathered nothing but sharps went through there. And, you are never satisfied with the product..ever!

Besides, though, also, it is quite possible that the sensitivity distrust is as result of our own hypersensitivity, with so much stress on people, don’t you think their sensitivities might be dampened?

Officer: I agree, one will have a better bet getting them on holidays but how many of that do we get these days? Even holidays are spent thinking of stress. It’s like that portrait on our floor says “war is planned in times of peace”. (smiles and leans against the wall of Prisoner No. 12’s cell, they begin talking about the flowers they’ve been planting in the garden and the pond they plan to build).