The officer has had this on his mind a number of days: he had been watching a factory off ants working and he repeatedly saw them ‘kiss’ themselves in their communal labor. That scene elicited a memory of his relation with his brother where his brother was rarely a conscientiously neighborly person – he always assumed for the other as if he were the centre of the world –  a behavior that had continued so long that it cost him his marriage too.

He strolls onto the block, absent-mindedly but present to his destination; he knows where at least a semblance of an answer may be got. He strolled to that young man’s cell, no. 12

Officer: So how does the sense of community develop or be developed?

Prisoner No. 12: Let’s assume first that humans are not born with that sense or more optimistically, born with the sense variously expressed so some express community fully and some do not express that sense whatsoever. It could also be a mix of the two so that there are those who do not have at all and those who do with either expressing or not. What if it’s a matter of those who can and those who can’t – that we all have it but we can’t all express it – this time, it’s not even a matter of repression, “don’t” but a matter of ability “can’t”.

So how does the sense of community develop? How do you turn an individual into a communal man? Can you train (including advice) it or do you place the man in such situations or do you “break the man’s heart” so he starts to feel for others?

To the first question, this is the answer: he’ll rebel or he’ll pretend or try and get tired. Why? A person adapts the way his person allows him to (this is with all the dynamics of personality I outlined initially) so what you are giving him just doesn’t match; we can be drastically truthful animals when it comes to personality.

2nd question: Placing him in such situations still faces the challenge of getting beyond his contextual adaptive measure.

3rd: Breaking his heart is only if it will cause that effect (heartbreak) and only if there is a heart to break. Besides, isn’t it unfeeling for us to do so? Maybe not, it’s for his own development. Good, evil, what are they?