Officer: What do you think, my friend, about this statement “judgments are not ontological, they are simply valuational”.

Prisoner No. 12: Since you have asked “what I think”, I will take it at its component words and take it in my own direction though I understand what you mean.

Playing around in ontology is a dangerous thing.

In general, study or investigation of any kind is an involvement in ontology. This type of ontology is just a “bringing to awareness”, a discovery. This is very different from radical ontology. In terms of the rational/irrational dichotomy, this type of ontology is simply rationality masquerading as ontology – rationality proud as a keloid. It gives us a certainty of knowledge which should properly be known as justified knowledge not ‘certain’. Certainty must be separated from belief. Or belief has different levels? That’s another topic for another day, let’s not get tempted into our usual ways.

Officer: Such a tempting topic, I just wish…

Prisoner No. 12: (in dismissive tone) Go and eat cake to satisfy your craving, my friend.

Back to the main.

Radical ontology – as I elect to call it – involves what exists and what doesn’t. What this means is we will be telling ourselves about ourselves too. Whatever we posit to exist or not, we are accepting or denying ourselves. From a concretistic perspective, let’s use this metaphor. Let’s say I am a rock and I deny the existence of gravel, it means I deny what constitutes myself – in effect, I deny myself – I say concretistic because I am applying this metaphor in the same way as it is used, that is, making postulates or ideas concrete e.g. saying that a numeral is part of our concrete biological make-up. It could rather be applied in an abstract or conceptual reality manner. This is what is dangerous about playing around in ontology.

And, this brings us to why “judgments are not ontological, they are simply valuational” – I’m sure you see it. Judgments tell us what is correct and what is, no, no, let’s not be tempted to bring true or false into this.