As Prisoner No. 12 and Officer stroll about the premises, they catch glimpse of an interesting portrait of the architect of their dear penitentiary and proceed to examine it; The Royal Cat is the name of the portrait.

Prisoner No. 12: (reading out loud) “Let us engage in this thought experiment where we make geometry the supreme reality simply for easier communication because it is abstract enough to be well and uniformly generalized to fit ‘things’.

We have a cat walking around which denies the existence of anything called a curve. Of course, we can say that his arched back is now going to be replaced by a line or his anger will be represented in a different way. However, we lie. Because, it is the cat that denies this our chosen hyper-reality not the hyper-reality denying itself unless we admit that biological species are capable of sorcery too now. One other possibility is that the cat, on denying the curve, now makes it that he walks with floating intestines because a cat does not (maybe even, cannot) have an absolutely straight back as the curve is no longer there to bound his back. If the cat is sorcerer and makes the reality for himself then he can never bend himself and he can never “always land on his feet” and cannot have pupils nor eyes that are round nor even intestines that coil – he is no longer a cat; besides, he’ll have such a hateful case of constipation. That may just be a matter of nomination though – it means the cat is there and the hyper-reality is here, is the cat really part of the hyper-reality at all? In fact, since the cat has removed himself from the hyper-reality, it could be said, the cat does not exist at all, only existing to himself like Wittgenstein’s private language. Also, what the cat does is to deny his evolution into a lion, for, now, he cannot ‘become’ the carnassial (long, sharp and curved canines) of the lion.”

Interesting..hmm..this guy…