Prisoner No. 12: (lying on his bed suddenly launches into one of his well-known soliloquys and wakes the whole prison up, everyone is up and listening, doors are opening and closing, small mammals and insects are cooperating in burrowing into the wall to hear, all in the depths of a vociferous silence.) This is the basic problem of Consciousness: Reality. What is real?

I see the chair but how do I know that this chair exists? Why do I doubt it? Because it is always through this vessel, through this channel, thru this Consciousness. I find it difficult (perhaps, cannot) to posit anything outside of this Consciousness.

Then it gets even more complicated when my object is another Consciousness. Because, he says he also sees the chair but how do I know he exists as he’s also thru my Consciousness? This same problem is for the other person cos he also does not know if I exist. Thus, all we know is through our Consciousness, through us, in us, the rest is imponderable (maybe even completely so). As I know my Consciousness but do not know the other’s existence, the other also knows his Consciousness but not my existence; in effect, I exist and do not exist. I am both real and not, I am known and unknown at the same time.

There is always Consciousness and this is just what is said with The Royal Cat, it is we who create the world for ourselves or the world is created in us (however you put it), there’s nothing else we can posit outside of Consciousness. It is always only Consciousness and so existence, again, until now has been just psychology, just an opening of mind, just our own creation and thus, just a judgment or valuation (as our definitions say). Ontology has never existed, if we apply the definition strictly.

This seems to fall into idealism. It doesn’t. Why? Because, as I have said, I am known and unknown; in the end, I seem to disappear from the relation and Consciousness becomes World and object and idea are what? Really nothing for the crocodiles just move, the fish just swim, the air just breathes, everything just is.

I wonder, should I believe this?…hmmm

(With that, the air moves and everything moves back  whence it came, even his Consciousness as he goes straight into a dreamy sleep. Might he have been dreaming eyes wide open though?)