Prisoner No. 12 encounters a portrait of the Architect of Our Dear Penitentiary watching two dogs fight, with the signature caption to the right side of the picture. It reads:

The point to cultural relativism was to not “throw the baby out with the bathwater” but this has been missed evidently. Cultural relativism is supposed to even out the landscape so every culture is appreciated for its own value. Something like a bazaar or a buffet really – a linear arrangement from primitive to advanced or evil to good helps only partially. By this, it is possible for one to pick out what is best or what is good in one culture and synthesize or integrate it with ones own. This obviously presents challenges because as soon as an encultured person judges, he prejudges so can best really be best? This presupposes that globalization which is a force for progressively increasing the spectrum of life viewed by whole man will be slow, that is, given all this resistance. Withal, it will happen given that man is such an impressionable creature and if not all of a culture, some of a culture will be attracted. And if they are not voluntarily, they will be involuntarily and this is usually the case where it is a matter of life or death of that particular resisting culture.

A lot of the time, you find the misunderstanding in a culture declining to learn anything from a foreign culture because of cultural pride whose purpose is laudable but practice is folly. This seems to me to be a conscious undermining of ones peoples potential, and a concerted effort to stay in the stark ignorance of the dark side of Pluto. What is that?!

For now, cultural relativism as a force will go through this misunderstood stage so that each people is aware of the intrinsic value to each culture just so in the future, the syncretism of globalization may take place.

It seems like one of the most basic tricks in business – “save for now, expand later” – doesn’t it?

There are many relativisms going round in the world today. This presupposes certain changes in the future which I am happy to predict but may not be a part of; I don’t know my lifespan. These changes I must say are pleasing to the entirety of being. What was once just a hope seems to be taking shape. Some are already in the synthetic stage, most are coming into the relativistic stage. No worries, relativism becomes a dominant perspective and this is agreeable.

And don’t ask me what is beyond the synthetic stage you dog! *guffaw* *guffaw*