It’s midnight and Officer is involved in his usual immersive conversations with Prisoner No. 12. No. 12 complains of a bad itch on his right buttock.

Officer: There might be a drug for itches you know?

Prisoner No. 12: Well, what you just said brought this to mind.

As I see it, most unflinching believers in science are still looking for heaven. They might have rejected the belief in resplendent heaven under their atheistic cloak while sustaining its ghost. Its ghost is just the positive feeling(s) that arise out of the effects of a certain state of affairs of the world or a certain human condition. They still wish for a world where all problems are solved, every question has a particular answer, solutions are easily arrived at, and everyone lives happily ever after. They wish for a philosophy or scientific theory or device or other creation whose terms are completely specified, highly specific and which can unalterably be applied to every instance of a particular matter – when you add A to B, you always get C. Simply put, they wish for specificity, immutability and certainty. This is how they appear to me and I don’t think there’s much else.

As I see it, a very probable solution to this may be harvesting the positive emotion itself and redirecting it rather than focusing on achieving the physical state of affairs. Let’s not forget that our politicians are also caught in this paradigm – they have to if they are to remain in, or win, power. Power is won and sustained by pandering or force, don’t you know? That we have moved away from force though is a positive indicator. Beyond pandering I guess is truth. It will be an interesting state of affairs in that time don’t you think?

Officer: mm-hm *smile*