Prisoner No. 12 watches a video where the Architect of Our Dear Penitentiary meets with one of the spiritual leaders from around his way, around his day.

Architect: Believe me, I love business, I really do. Business is pleasing when it is booming. But there is something disgusting about business that is desperate. The frantic efforts of your cohort is hardly respectable, one invariably wishes to turn the eye away from their unsightly products. Diarrhea can be nice when it is just metaphorical but this is raw. Your mates in the religio-spiritual sector of our precious life are so desperate to match every spiritual concept with a discovery in science most notably, human biology. What is that?! Ooh..the correlations do have appreciable degree of truth about them but what is all this desperation about? Can’t these teachings stand alone and be benefited from in their own right without running under the armpit of science? Do you need a protector so much? Business that is not daring, dependent, saying “these people eat tomatoes so I’ll bring them tomato juice” is just distasteful. All you are doing is trying to make use of science to your ends, yes, commendable, but do you reckon the amount of damage you do your own ward when you oversimplify it? Be better businessmen, man, and quit with your sniveling. I like a businessman who can create his own market.

For me, I take your correlations simply as metaphors, nothing more.