When I began this blog, I was angry. This is not how the blog used to look. It was plain, to demonstrate the indifference arising out of anger of the author. I was angry because I thought science broke my heart; and the world was breaking my heart for closing its eyes to the possibilities Existence had to offer. After following Science down to myth and other primal essences, I found that Science was not as nihilistic as I thought. It was good I was honest to myself and never rejected Science altogether rather striving to find how it ties into it all. Now I find myself returning to health as I nurse Science back to health (in my world); alas I am always going to be a Scientist.

Science is simply, through trial and/or testing, understanding. As such, since we are always engaged in doubting – sometimes right, sometimes wrong – science has to review the established way. Enter Art: Art puts together elements in new ways with  no care for their truth or ethical value. Then comes the trying, the testing. Thus, science keeps evolving. Science is not about materialism, it is only an evolution of Knowledge.