So I have given everybody here gathered a vision of the person behind this blog. To be true, from the picture I painted, one must rather say ‘persons’ for after all this place is called a Monastery. All this is rather eerily quirky. Now, what is the thought guiding the blog:

Visions – this has two meanings;

(1) The first pertains to how I go about my work. They are particular scenes abstracted from life so their innards or workings are examined. My starting point is Experience. Everything gets examined here, there are no barriers; from the language to the way people typically react to actions of the world (person and thing) to the way people discover things, to humor to… many others. All these examinations also unearth how differently these features present, the atypical, and from my perspective, the experimental which ends up being a fictionalizing of events. For instance, the language may be presented typically and atypically just to explore how meaning is conveyed. Particular scenes which get translated into essays or pieces of flash fiction or an act of a play, all of which are not serialized. As I said before, this is Philosophical Art.

(2) The second has to do with the qualifiers for the posts on here – inversion and eversion. Here Vision comes to connote Justice. In terms of eversion I speak about judgments people can lay on the outside world (which they usually do) – this is usually easy as it is about expressions of individuals and relations between them. Inversion speaks to what goes on in an individual, in a persons depths. Usually this goes unnoticed by many people; they are aware of others’ flaws and strengths but quite unaware of the same in themselves. In view of this these inverted posts are mostly presented in a sarcastic tone.

As the premises show, I am basically concerned with an exploration, investigation and examination of Man. From that starting point, I might also create for Man what he thought he hadn’t. Eventually, it becomes about maximizing the potential of Man.

This page should have come up earlier in the blogs life or it should have preceded the blogposts entirely but that’s not my style. I prefer to follow a movement – of an animal, a plant, an idea, an emotion – and see where it leads before I type or define it. Should I define before, I constrain myself to meager areas and my being does not agree with that way. Define limits after you have scrutinized well.