Prisoner No. 12 finds a caption in the photo album of the Architect of Our Dear Penitentiary where he is doing the bolero. Stork-standing, No. 12 reads;

Architect: Most people like to wield the words, paradox and contradiction, when they do not even know what the ‘p’ and the ‘c’ mean. They are unworthy to wield the swords of Reason. Step to the side and quit your shenanigans before you impale yourself on your own sword. This is not childs play.

They like to denounce “paradox!”, “contradiction!” as if the propositions made are totally untrue when the issue is their presentations are improper. The duty then, for the audience and author or orator, is to find the proper presentation and hence clearer, that is, more delimited conception of the ideas and their their relations in the proposition. This is better behavior fitting for an adult feeling more responsibility for the Universe he finds himself in and much more for the many children who will weep for a morsel of mental clarity and clarity deserts the world and leaves their external conditions dire. Far better than just denouncing “paradox!” and “contradiction!” whose purpose is to mask the more pestilential “impossible!” like some dictators I know. Such behavior betrays laziness Or fear of the task Or  incompetence also known as stupidity Or because some gray beard sanctioned it. *Scoff* I wish I could spit their essence from my mouth! I cannot refuse to mention it for they are here and their position requires critique before the infect everybody. Even if they didn’t exist, I still would tackled the possibility. Yes, I would.

No. 12: What he is talking here is a manifesto for a certain type of person. It isn’t for everybody. And he cleverly disguises that in his ending sentences, that is, after he scoffs at his perceived opponents.